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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Masterpiece FrostRod - From MP-9B Black Rodimus Convoy

Who's that bot? I've been teasing this for the last week on social media, and cheekily dropping him into articles and collection display photos without any explanation for months longer. This is the mystery TakaraTomy Transformers MP-9 Rodimus Convoy in funky colours, based on a G1 Transformers Hot Rod in similarly funky colours. I still get asked about that silver G1 Hot Rod, and have started answering questions in a cryptic manner about this MP-9 as well. Time to come clean, right?

Sunday, 30 April 2017

MakeToys MTRM-06 Contactshot

Get comfortable in your chair, grab a beverage of your choosing, slap on some synthwave (I'd recommend Droid Bishop, Carpenter Brut, Perturbator or Kalax) and prepare to spend some time with the Transformers-based toy of 2017 thus far. I am of course referring to 3rd Party company MakeToys' Re:Master series MTRM-06 Contactshot, their stab at a Masterpiece-level Autobot Targetmaster Pointblank. Without a shadow of a doubt, this was my most anticipated 3rd party product of 2016, and although it came out in early 2017, he has not disappointed at all.

Fans Hobby MasterBuilder MB-03 Feilong

Fans Hobby are a new company releasing 3rd Party versions of recognisable Transformers characters at Masterpiece scale. While the people behind the company are rumoured to be people who worked at other well know 3P companies, their MasterBuilder brand may as well - for all intents and purposes - be considered new. Here we have MB-03 "Feilong", their version of the G1 Autobot Monsterbot "Doublecross".

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

MMC Reformatted R-17 Continuum Set - For Carnifex

Overlord means different things to different sets of Transformers fans and collectors. For some, he conjures up the malevolent, charismatic and insane monster from IDW's Transformers comics, specifically Last Stand Of The Wreckers and More Than Meets The Eye. Nick Roche's design and character for Overlord is widely known and well loved. For another set of fans Overlord has significance as the G1 double Powermaster from the 90s or the Japanese exclusive Masterforce version from 1988, a highly sought after and often very expensive toy. Not rare, though, let's not make that mistake.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

FansToys FT-06 Sever's New Head

Thanks to the release of FansToys FT-08 Grinder (MP-style Grimlock) and FansToys' newly discovered talent for creating fantastic Transformers head sculpts, collectors now have access to brand new face sculpts for FT Sever (Snarl), Soar (Swoop) and Scoria (Slag). The original head for Sever was so widely panned that once they'd found their feet with the sculpts (Stomp was marvellous), FT went back and re-did them. Great if you've bought Grinder, frustrating if you haven't.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Transformers Legends (Headmasters)

To complement the full Hasbro Transformers Titans Return gallery posted recently, I have done the same for the TakaraTomy Transformers Legends series, or at least the toys that best correspond to the Headmasters-themed Titans Return toys. The only released figure missing from the set is the E-Hobby exclusive Convobat, but it will arrive in due course and it stands apart from these in some respects. This gallery will be updated with alt modes and any new releases as and when I get them, so enjoy!

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Transformers Titans Return - Wave 1 to 4

In this post you'll find my gallery of every Hasbro Transformers Titans Return retail release from waves 1 through 4, including SDCC exclusives.  I will add TakaraTomy Transformers Legends figures soon, but it's mainly a place for me to keep my full gallery of pictures taken and edited using the vignette effect for an experiment. It ended up being a long experiment! So here they are, starting at wave 1 and with the biggest size class in descending order: