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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Transformers Titans Return - Wave 1 to 3

In this post you'll find my gallery of every Hasbro Transformers Titans Return retail release from waves 1 through 3, including SDCC exclusives.  I will add TakaraTomy Transformers Legends figures soon, but it's mainly a place for me to keep my full gallery of pictures taken and edited using the vignette effect for an experiment. It ended up being a long experiment! So here they are, starting at wave 1 and with the biggest size class in descending order:

Wave 1 Titan class Fortress Maximus

Wave 1 Leader class Blaster

Wave 1 Leader class Powermaster Optimus Prime

Wave 1 Voyager class Sentinel Prime

Wave 1 Voyager class Galvatron

Wave 1 Deluxe class Hardhead

Wave 1 Deluxe class Blurr

Wave 1 Deluxe class Brainstorm

Wave 1 Deluxe class Scourge

Wave 1 Deluxe class Skullsmasher

Wave 1 Legends class Wheelie

Wave 1 Legends class Stripes

Wave 1 Legends class Rewind

Wave 1 Titan Master Loudmouth

Wave 1 Titan Master Nightbeat

Wave 1 Titan Master Terri-Bull

Wave 1 Titan Master Crashbash

SDCC 2016 Titan class Fortress Maximus
SDCC 2016 Voyager class Sentinel Prime
SDCC 2016 Deluxe class Brainstorm

Wave 2 Leader class Soundwave 

Wave 2 Voyager class Alpha Trion

Wave 2 Voyager class Astrotrain

Wave 2 Deluxe class Chromedome

Wave 2 Deluxe class Highbrow

Wave 2 Deluxe class Wolfwire

Wave 2 Deluxe class Mindwipe

Wave 2 Legends class Ravage

Wave 2 Legends class Laserbeak

Wave 2 Legends class Rumble

Wave 2 Titan Master Brawn

Wave 2 Titan Master Clobber

Wave 2 Titan Master Apeface

Wave 2 Titan Master Skytread

Wave 3 Leader class Sixshot

Wave 3 Voyager class Optimus Prime

Wave 3 Voyager class Megatron

Wave 3 Deluxe class Hot Rod

Wave 3 Deluxe class Breakaway

Wave 3 Deluxe class Twinferno

Wave 3 Deluxe class Triggerhappy

Wave 3 Legends class Bumblebee

Wave 3 Legends class Gnaw

Wave 3 Legends class Kickback

Wave 3 Titan Master Sawback

Wave 3 Titan Master Ptero

Wave 3 Titan Master Overboard

Wave 3 Titan MasterFangry
Soon to add:

- Wave 2 Legends class Rumble

All the best


  1. Some beautiful pics there Maz! I'll have to live vicariously through your pics and whatever my cohost "M" picks up for himself since I don't have the funds to divert at the moment to non G1 figures.
    Keep on collecting!

    1. Thanks so much, Joe! Collecting this line has been a massive breath of fresh air!

      Expensive air.

      All the best

  2. Nice pics. I didnt realize that Titans Return had so many figures.

  3. Nice pics. I didnt realize that Titans Return had so many figures.